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Today marks the 124th birthday of H. P. Lovecraft, born today in 1890.

One hot summer afternoon (I must have been 11 or 12 years old) I stumbled upon the text of the Lovecraft story “The Outsider”. I was riding in the family car and the text was included in Spanish in a literary anthology for my older brother’s Lit class. I started to read, and almost an hour later, I was left behind in the parking garage, still reading, mesmerized and moved by this story.

In it, an entity emerges from the depths of the earth and ascends painfully, seeking, lost. And he encounters a horrifying entity at the end of a corridor. A loathsome creature, pale and deformed—who is it? And why does he stand there, looking directly at him? What is that frame that surrounds the door where the wretch stands? In the final paragraphs of the story, the narrator extends his hand and the horror hits the reader full force. The story provoked such strong emotions in me. As I closed that book, I felt transmogrified. I had become an acolyte of Lovecraft.

—Guillermo del Toro, from his introduction to Penguin Horror Classics

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Greta Garbo’s famous first words spoken on the big screen in Anna Christie, 1930. 


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[…] Alex represents the unconscious: man in his natural state. After he is given the Ludovico ‘cure’ he has been ‘civilized’, and the sickness that follows may be viewed as the neurosis imposed by society. Stanley Kubrick

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Dora Bryan and Robert Stephens, A Taste of Honey, 1961.

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